Welcome to Lemon & Biscuits! Here’s to hoping (and assuming) this goes well.

Growing up in Acadia National Park in Maine, I got to spend my childhood surrounded by ocean, lakes, and (pseudo) mountains, with literally boarded up shops in winters and millions of visitors in the summers. The ‘big city’ was a minimum of half an hour away, and the term ‘city’ is just a technicality. Things like take out were minimally available, and delivery not a thing until recently. Instead, at least at my house, almost everything except cakes and brownies was made mostly from scratch. We didn’t have sugary cereal in the house, or the typical junk food snack options, and while I always wanted them I’m now so grateful I didn’t have them because instead I crave real food, with real ingredients, and a minimal amount of processing. I would happily live on bread and cheese if I could (I mean, honestly, wouldn’t most people?), but love my veggies too.

One of my favorite smells ever is onions and garlic sautéing in olive oil, and it kills me that I can’t eat either of those anymore. So if you notice my recipes don’t include them, there’s a reason, and please please please feel free to add them yourself! I’d like to think what I make is still just about as delicious without those two ingredients, and hopefully you’ll agree, but I will be the first to say they’d be better with the garlic and onions. FYI, eggs are similar, so while I love them and eat them very occasionally, you’ll probably only see them cooked into something and not on their own.

Those issues aside, I sincerely hope that you enjoy seeing (and hopefully making) my food as much as I do, and that it can inspire some of you in your own kitchens. I have no training except what I learned from my family and through reading, and I’m not good at measuring my ingredients unless I’m baking or following a new recipe, but I will try my best to do a good job of giving you the clearest directions I can.